Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Earth Belongs to God

Psalm 24:1-2

Good morning,

During the week you might have heard in the news that the United Nations Climate Change Panel is now 95% certain that climate change is caused by humans (up from 90% in its previous report.)

Climate change is a big issue for politicians and businesses. We've seen the carbon tax introduced, dramatically reduce Australia's carbon emissions and now about to be axed and replaced with a different scheme, which will hopefully have as much of an effect. This is an issue world leaders need to work on at a global level.

It's also an issue for us, in our own homes and community, in how we exercise our faith daily. Human beings are breaking the earth, and it's not ours to break. It's God's. Human beings have the task of caring for the earth. But the earth is God's handiwork and God's possession.

There are some simple things we can do to minimise our carbon impact: we can turn off standby power on products (turn things off at the wall when we are not using them); turn off lights when we're leaving the room (if there's no-one else using them); change to lower energy consuming lights and products; use public transport where we can; try to organise tasks so as to do as many as possible in one car journey; to try to buy food and other items that haven't travelled huge distances to get to us.
For those who are able, switching to solar power and cars that use less fossil fuels are also ways to help protect this planet.

It's a matter of using what we need, without waste: being thankful for, and respectful of, what God has provided.
Grace and peace,

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