Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 14th October 2012: The Silence of God

Good morning,

We’re fond of saying that God answers prayers, but most people at some stage in their life of faith do experience at some time that God doesn’t answer, or doesn’t answer immediately.

Some of our Scripture readings in worship today are about the silence of God.

Sometimes, it just seems that God is not listening when we pray, or isn’t aware of what is happening in our world or in our lives.  If God really has counted the hairs on our head, how can God not know when something terrible is happening to us?

Psalm 22 asks this question. As the psalmist struggles with the apparent absence of God, he goes back to his own personal history, and the history of the nation, and recalls that God did actually guide them through the worst of times in the past. God was really not absent, no matter how bad things were, and in hindsight it is possible to see clearly what God was doing.

Having looked at the past, and seeing God’s faithfulness, the psalmist is able to claim the faith that God will still act, that God does care. The psalmist cannot see or hear God at work, but trusts, on the evidence of the past, that God will act because that is God’s nature.

While we can’t always see God at work, while God seems silent when we are in distress, this is what we are able to do as well. God does not change, and if God has been faithful in the past, God will be faithful in the future, whether we are able in our time of distress to discern that or not.

Grace and peace

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