Thursday, 27 September 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 30th September 2012: Be Still

Good morning,

I wonder if you are able to consciously take time out to just be still, and to listen for God.  I’m thinking of Psalm 46:10, but also thinking of the hectic lives people lead in our busy world.

We have far more labour-saving devices than a generation or two ago, but instead of increasing our quiet times, it seems to have just added more that we can or feel we must do in our lives.  We are constantly bombarded with sound and with information, from the radio alarm that wakes us up in the morning to radio and news apps on our phones, to text and email and social media.

We seem to spend our lives constantly busy, at least mentally if not physically.

Stillness, quietness, “time out” seems to be a very rare and precious commodity. But, to grow in a relationship with God, actually requires some time spent just with God.

For most people, to have a quiet moment in the day requires intentionally making space for that time, to plan for it and make it a priority. Sometimes, it requires even being physically apart from other people so as to reduce the distractions.  It requires some discipline to stop thinking about all the rush and problems of everyday life, and just to be aware of God.

Interestingly, though, taking that time apart intentionally, can help us to be aware of God’s presence in the rest of the day – and to keep hold of some of that stillness in the rush and bustle.

Grace and peace,

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