Thursday, 30 August 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 2nd September 2012: Giving Thanks

Good morning,

Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing gifts God has given to our congregation?

Without even thinking about all the different things our church members do during the week (and there are lots), today, let’s think about the gifts of people involved in simply our Sunday morning worship and fellowship time.

We always have someone to preach and lead worship – and God has provided us with a number of people who share in this role. We have people who read the Scriptures and bring us our weekly notices.  We have several wonderful musicians. We have someone (usually Emma) operating the technology. We have Lindy producing the Contact week by week. We have someone coming in before everyone else to unlock and turn on lights, to have the church ready for the rest of us. We have someone at the door to greet us. We have wonderful people to prepare morning tea, and to serve it. We have people who set up for communion (and bake our gluten free communion bread), count the offering, and do endless small but necessary tasks.

Frequently, people will thank the preacher. I wonder how often, we think to thank any of the other people who have contributed to the richness of our worship and fellowship? How often do we thank God that there was someone here who knew how to operate the computer, or to count the offering money? Or that God gave us elders to serve communion, and offer pastoral care?

This week, let’s be more aware. Let’s say “thank you” to each other. More than that, in our prayer time, let’s thank God for the wonderful gift of the people who share our life in this congregation.

Grace and peace

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