Thursday, 9 August 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 12th August 2012: Homelessness in Australia

Good morning,
Wesley Mission Brisbane, Facebook Page

I recently read a very disturbing statistic on Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Facebook page.  One out of every 38 Australian children up to the age of four has spent time in a homelessness service.  Each night up to 32,000 Australian youth will be sleeping on the streets.

Australia is a wealthy country. It ought to have the resources to support all of its people.  Yet even here, more people than we realise, are spending cold winter nights without shelter.

There’s no simple solution to the problem. Wesley Mission is appealing for donations to help. Their web address is:

And now on winter nights, when we’re all wrapped up in our warm blankets, let’s spare a moment to pray for all those who do not have the blessings we have.

Grace and peace

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