Friday, 22 June 2012

Service for Sunday 24th June 2012: Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Uniting Church

Call to worship
It’s our birthday!
The Uniting Church turned 35 years old on Friday.
In 1977, three churches joined together, in response to Jesus’ prayer “that they be one”, with the aim of becoming not just another denomination, but at being a dynamic movement for a symbol of wider Christian unity.

Hymn Together in Song 215 You servants of God, your Master proclaim

Prayer of Adoration and Confession

God of the church,
We thank you for your constant faithfulness to the church you called into being,
your promise to be our God,
As you invite us to be your people.

We confess
That we have not always been your faithful people
We have at times lost track of your call to love you first and foremost,
To love our neighbours as ourselves,
We repent and are sorry
For our failings,
And for our deliberate misdeeds
Forgive us our past, and guide us in our future,
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Declaration of Forgiveness

Kids’ Time – Ruth

Hymn Together in Song 670 Jesus put this song into our hearts

Scripture - Emma
Ephesians 2:19-22
John 17:1- 11
This is the Word of the Lord
Thanks be to God!
My first memory of the Uniting Church is from when I was 11 years old. The Sunday school teacher asked who had been at our Sunday school before. I, along with all the other kids, put up my hand. And we were told we were wrong. It was an entirely new Sunday School, because it was an entirely new church.

As of Friday, that entirely new church is 35 years old.  Birthdays are a great time for reflecting on our past and looking forward to our future.  So we’re going to start that with a message from the Rev Alistair Macrae, the President of the Assembly.

Assembly video 35 years together

Sticky papers and pens left in the pews -  please write your favourite memories, your hopes for the future of the church – bring your papers forward and stick on the wrapping paper.

Hymn Together in Song 686  Lord Jesus, we belong to you

Notices - Emma


Prayers of the People
God of the church,
We pray for your church, especially that part of your church in which we live our lives.
We pray for the Assembly of the Uniting Church, and its President Rev Alistair Macrae,
We pray for our Synod and its Moderator Rev Kaye Ronalds, and for all of the other synods,
We pray for the life of our Moreton Rivers Presbytery, and all of the other presbyteries,
We pray for our congregation, and all of the other congregations.

Gracious God,
May we always faithfully be your son’s body in this world.
May we always show love for you in all that we do
May we always show love for our neighbour
May we always be the prophetic voice that calls for justice for the widows and orphans – those who are most vulnerable in our day and age.

The Lord’s Prayer

Hymn Together in Song 687 God gives us a future


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