Thursday, 10 May 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday, 13 May 2012: Who Is My Neighbour?

Good morning,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums!

Today may be a great day for florists and chocolate companies, but it’s also a great day to remember the unconditional love a good mother has for her child.  A good mum will love her child no matter what – even if sometimes that requires “tough love”.

That’s the kind of love Jesus set down for us when he said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  We’re meant to love unconditionally – which means loving those who are not “like us” as much as we do those who are “like us”.

There are so many groups marginalized in society, simply because they are “different”, and we could talk about any number of them.  Today, I’d like to talk about people with mental health issues.

For some reason, society has developed this idea that having a mental illness is a sign of weakness or a personal failing, a character flaw.  Yet, just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses are simply health issues that can happen to anyone.  Most can be treated with therapy and with medication.  People can be afraid to seek medical help for depression, anxiety, bipolar, or even schizophrenia, because they fear the stigmatization that they could suffer. Yet these diseases, left untreated can be fatal.  Properly treated, people who suffer from these conditions lead happy, productive lives.

So while we’re remembering our mums today, and reflecting on that unconditional love that God shows us, and that good mums show their children, let’s recall that we are also called to love unconditionally – everyone.

Grace and Peace

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