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Newsletter Reflection : The Economics of Food

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 25 March 2012

The Economics of Food
Good morning,

I heard a very disturbing report on ABC radio this week.  The reason we have people starving in the world isn’t that there isn’t enough food produced. It isn’t because food is too expensive to produce.

One of the big reasons people are starving in the world is that huge amounts of food are wasted in wealthy countries like Australia and the USA. Because we have the money to buy so much more than we need, we artificially drive up food prices, so poorer people can’t afford it. Not only that, but we take much of the supply of food that could have fed the whole world, and put it in landfills. This kind of selfishness from people in relatively wealthy countries, not only fails to love our neighbour as ourselves, but also disrespects the earth God created.

We are a part of the problem – but we can also be a part of the solution.  People in wealthy countries need to waste less. I don’t mean like the old cliché: clean up your plate, because there’s children starving in Africa.  Children in Africa (or anywhere else) won’t gain any benefit from you over-eating, and neither will you.  

To waste less, we need to buy less. If we are throwing food out that’s gone off in the fridge, we’ve bought more than we need. It’s a waste of money for us. More than that, we’ve wasted food someone else could have had, and the price we’ve paid for it has helped to inflate the price so someone else could not afford it.

Food is one of the most basic things in life. Surely we are familiar enough with it to have a reasonable idea how much we will actually eat! There is no good reason to buy more than that. This is one small part of the problem that we can help to solve, and it will cost us nothing but forethought.
There is an accompanying problem here, in that supermarkets buy more produce than they need, and throw out anything that has a minor blemish. We may not be able to control their behaviour, but any of us could write to the supermarkets we shop at and express our displeasure.

Grace and Peace

Dates to note:
25 March.  11am AGM.
 5 April. 7.30am. Maundy Thursday service.
5 April. There will be no Watchya Weight on Maundy Thursday.
6 April. 7.30am. Good Friday service.
16 May. 7pm. Church Council.
16 June. 7am to 10.30am. Working bee for cleaning/maintenance of church, hall and grounds.
17 June. Adult Fellowship will have special offering envelopes to support Mercy Ships women’s health projects
15 September. 7am to 10.30am. Working bee for cleaning/maintenance of church, hall and grounds.
17 November. 7am to 10.30am. Working bee for cleaning/maintenance of church, hall and grounds.

Prayer points:
·         Those in this world who do not have enough to eat.
·         Those in this world who suffer ill-health from eating too much.
·         The Queensland Government: those who were elected, those who weren’t. Pray for guidance for our leaders for the next three years.

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