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Newsletter Reflection for Sunday, 12 February 2012

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 12 February 2012

Good morning,

We talk and think and pray about our mission as a church in Ashgrove West.  Sometimes it’s easy to think that what we’re here for is to increase our own numbers, to get “bums on seats.”

When there’s not enough people to do everything, and not enough money to do everything, those things can seem very important.

But our place here is something far more vital than that: we are Jesus’ body I this place.  We are the way God chooses to show God’s self to our community.

Jesus tells us that people will recognise us as his disciples by the love we have for one another.  And he also tells us to love our enemies, just as much.

In the sermon last Sunday, we talked about the importance of showing love. (If you can’t remember, or weren’t here, a copy is available at ). Showing love to those outside the church, especially those who are in difficult circumstances, is a very important part of being who we are as a church.

Another important part of being who we are as a church is to always show love for each other – to show infinite respect in all our dealings with our brothers and sisters,  even when we have disagreements or misunderstandings.

The elders are set aside to the role of caring for the congregation – but in a sense, we all have a role in caring for all of the other members of the church – just because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’ve got homework for you this week.  Take a note of the two people sitting closest to you this morning.  Every day this week, make sure you pray for those two people.  If you get a chance call them, and ask them how they are going. Make a special effort to show love to those two people in some way this week.

Then, here’s where it gets tricky – next week choose a different two people, and the following week a different two people – continue this for the rest of the year! Let’s dedicate this year to showing God’s love – both to each other, and to the community around us.

Grace and peace,

Other notices:
Could everyone who uses the downstairs hall, please be aware to be very careful of the cubby house? The slide comes off very easily – but the whole thing has to be pulled apart and rebuilt to put the slide back on.

Oops! For those who follow the lectionary: yes Iris did mess up. We had this week’s readings last week and are having last week’s readings this week.  

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