Sunday, 22 January 2012

Everyday Prayers

Hi All
As you know I'm on holiday, and therefore not leading worship.  I've been using the time to start to put together a book of prayers I've written. 
Here are a couple to give you an idea of what "Everyday Prayers" will be like when it's finished. (There's no saying how long that will take - it's a work in progress.)
Grace and Peace

Taking Out the Rubbish

Your sins are forgiven!”
Thanks be to God!”

Every week it's the same, Lord,
I come to church and confess my sins,
and the minister says I'm forgiven.
But I come back the next week
and have to confess all over again.
I'm not really that bad a sinner, Lord.
I haven't killed people
or conned people.
I haven't stolen or cheated.
Whatever I've done wrong is only little things.
But every week, it's time to confess again.
Time to be forgiven again.
If Jesus died to forgive me,
and that only happened once,
why do I need to be forgiven so many times?

Perhaps it's like the rubbish bin.
If I don't put the bin out each week it doesn't get collected.
That's OK for a week or two,
because there's nothing very offensive in my rubbish,
but it builds up.
And no matter how inoffensive my rubbish is
if it overflows the bin and is all over the street
it will be offensive,
and it may even be a health risk.
I need to take the rubbish out every week -
so it can be taken away.

Lord, there's not a lot in my bin this week.
It's been a pretty good week.

But there's still some rubbish to take out -
things I don't want or need cluttering up my soul.
Please take away the rubbish,
so it doesn't build up,
so it doesn't get offensive,
so it doesn't make me sick.
In the name of Jesus,
who died to take all the rubbish away.

I Saw You Today

I saw you today Jesus,
you were standing on the corner,
selling “The Big Issue”.
You told me about being homeless,
and how you were selling papers
so you could afford a place to live.

I saw you today Jesus,
you were on the TV,
in that refugee camp.
The reporter said you'd fled
for your life,
and had nowhere to go.

I saw you today Jesus,
you were on the news again,
dying in a war-torn country,
starving in famine,
crying for the people you lost
in that terrible disaster.

I saw you today Jesus,
you were working
behind the supermarket counter.
The woman before me was so rude
and you looked like
you were about to cry.

I saw you today Jesus,
you wore a red and black
and yellow badge,
and you told me about
your family's ancient ties
to the land I live on.

I saw you today Jesus,
you were wandering through the city,
searching for a lost mind,
and muttering about
how the aliens
had replaced the Prime Minister.

I saw you today Jesus,
and my heart ached for your pain.

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