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Sunday 18 December 2011: Newsletter Reflection, and Kid's time, and Advent Candle liturgy

This Sunday, Bec is leading worship. If she has time, she will give me the sermon to put on the net for you. 
I'm still doing the Kid's Time, to continue the theme we've started with the candy canes through Advent, and of course, we're continuing with the same advent candle liturgy I have written for the whole of Advent.  

This week's newsletter reflection is included in this blog post as well.

Kid's Time:

Hey look everyone! There's a candy cane on the communion table (again!) Who keeps leaving these here?

You know I was thinking about candy canes through the week. Have you ever noticed we only seem to get them around Christmas time? They're kind of special. And they're made mostly of sugar, so they're really sweet.

And I was thinking, do you know what else is really special and really sweet?

I think God's love for us is. Don't you.

And will you look at this: there's a message on this candy cane too.

Someone find me an adult who reads really well and can tell us what this message says:

“To you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour who is the Messiah, the Lord..... Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favours.” Luke 2: 11, 14.

Week 4 – Love - Older Adults 18 December

1st Reader: Experience has taught us what lasts and what doesn't.
2nd Reader: Some things that seem important turn out not to matter after all.
1st Reader: When everything else is lost: strength, money, independence, one thing still matters more than anything.
2nd Reader: The greatest of all things is love.
All older adults: We welcome the love of Jesus this Christmas.

Hymn – all of Light one Candle (TiS 286)

Newsletter Reflection
Good morning

We hear a lot about love in our popular culture. If you believe television, music, books and movies, love can be a very dangerous thing. You can fall into love, and you can fall out of love. Love hurts, hearts break.

Now let's look at God's love. If you read I Corinthians 13, you find Paul's definition of love. Although we often use this passage at weddings, it's not meant to tell us about romantic love – or at least it's not meant to tell us only about romantic love. What Paul describes here is the love that God has for us – love that never ends. It's the love that would pay any price for the one who is loved – the love of Jesus becoming one with us and living our lives, dying for us and rising again for us. You notice that this love isn't the variable series of emotions of popular culture – it is something that is a conscious decision – God makes a choice to love us (as opposed to “falling” in love with no sense of control.) God chooses the best for us at personal cost.

When Jesus instructs us to “love one another as I have loved you” this is the love he means: love that's consciously chosen – love that will choose what is best for the other, even when that involves personal cost.

Grace and peace

Other notices: Weight Loss Group “Watchya Weight” resumes on Thursday 2 February 2012.
Community Care resumes 14 February 2012.
Iris will take three weeks holiday from Monday 9 January 2012, to Sunday 29 January 2012 (inclusive).

Today – Bec leads Worship
Christmas Eve – 6.30pm Bec leads Worship
Christmas Day – 7.30am Iris leads Worship

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