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Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 11 December 2011

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday, 11 December, 2011

Advent Candle Liturgy Week 3 – Joy – Adults

1st Reader: Sometimes we just go through the motions of Christmas.
2nd Reader: We do the preparation work and shopping, but we've lot the excitement, and the joy.
1st Reader: But when you think about it there's so much to be joyful for: the people we share our Christmas with, and that we live in a place where we are free to celebrate.
2nd Reader: Most of all, we can be joyful that in Christmas Jesus became a part of our world – the most amazing gift of all time.
All Adults: We celebrate the joy of Christmas.

Today in our worship we hear good news – God's proclamation of release to captives, sight to the blind. We hear Mary's song of joy over how God works in the world.

We hear this, yet we live in a world where still there are people blind, there are still many in captivity for all sorts of reasons, where wars continue.

Today, we're invited to rejoice in God's goodness in a world where there seems so little to rejoice about. Are we to deny the reality of everything that is wrong in the world around us? To have some deluded idea that ignores reality?

Actually, we are invited to be joyful, not by denying the realities of our world, but in the midst of them. We are invited to be joyful – to celebrate that there is more than we can see at work in the world. Yes, there is still evil in our world – but despite this, God loves us and this world enough to give us Jesus. There are problems in our world – but there is also the infinite goodness of God at work in the world. Human beings have done the most despicable things, but we are created in the image of a creative and loving God – and so have the potential to do some wonderful things as well.

This Advent, rejoice – not that this world is perfect – but that despite its imperfections God loves this world and gave Jesus for it.

Grace and peace

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