Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Newsletter Reflection for Sunday 27 November

Newsletter reflection for 27 November 2011

Our Advent Candle liturgy for today:
(Read by the Kids.)
1st reader: Christmas is coming there's lots to hope for.
2nd reader: Presents, and lollies, and cakes, and a visit from Santa.
1st reader: Hope is young, it looks forward to what is coming...
2nd reader: Hope waits with excitement.
All kids: We hope for Jesus this Christmas.

Good morning,

Nobody knows how to hope like a kid in Advent. There's just so many exciting things to look forward to, school holidays, presents, celebrations.

But our hope of advent is more than just a hope for all the good things we can have and do in our celebrations. Advent is about looking two different ways in history – we look back and anticipate Jesus coming to us as the baby of Bethlehem – but we also look forward and anticipate Jesus coming again as ruler and judge of the world.

We don't talk about judgement much any more. It's not seen as good publicity for the church. But it truly is a part of our advent hope. Jesus will come as judge – and the basis on which he will judge is the quality of our love. Each person we encounter in our daily life is Jesus coming to us in another form. How will we love them?

The world that Jesus judges – the one he puts right according to the way he wants things done – is a world of love. And so we have much to hope for through advent – as we hope for Jesus' return, and a future where his love is the most important thing there is.

Grace and Peace

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