Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Newsletter Reflection: Thanksgiving and Dedication

Good morning

Over the next couple of Sundays we have some interesting things in our worship services.

It's Harvest Thanksgiving service next Sunday. In Biblical times, it was recognised that everything comes from God, and really belongs to God. Returning the first of the harvest was a symbolic action, to show that reality.

Because we're not a farming community, we don't have an actual harvest to bring. But there are other ways to bring symbols of all of the good God has given to us. So, we are bringing food for the Communify Pantry or toiletries for prison ministry. Dedicating these basics of life to God's use, links us in with that entire history of faith, from ancient times.

The following Sunday, is Lay Ministries Sunday. We will dedicate our newly-elected elders for their role. But at the same time, we will also recognise all of the many ways our congregation members exercise their (your) ministries in the congregation and in the wider world.

I'd really love for that Sunday, for the various groups in our church to bring along something symbolic of the role they have. (Eg if Yarn Group could bring one of their rugs, the Bible Study a Bible, etc). Let's celebrate all of the wonderful ways our church members serve each other and the community.

Grace and Peace

Other notices:
  • Our communion bread is gluten/lactose/nut free and vegan-friendly. Communion wine is non-alcoholic. If anyone has any other particular dietary needs, please let us know.
  • Sunday 16 October: Harvest Thanksgiving
  • Sunday 23 October: Lay Ministries Sunday/ dedication of our new elders
  • Got any great morning tea recipes – please give (preferably email, but on paper if need be) to Iris for Community Care's recipe book.

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